The water ball is for walking on water, for floating on water, its a float tank, a dance ball , a display ball for placing products inside and for use in show business productions, tv shows and for your own creative ideas.


Hi welcome to my site for the water sphere, water ball or walk on water ball , my name is Charles Jones,  the inventor of this strange ball with a zipper. Enter inside my site and learn the  facts about this amazing water ball and all the things you can do inside it. Walk on the water ? Float on the water without getting wet. It’s an inflatable float tank. It’s been used by companies all over the world for product presentations of all types.  You can put all kinds of things inside the Water balls , pretty girls, products, a motorcycle or anything you can think of that will fit through the airtight zipper .

Enjoy your visit to the site I hope you get some ideas from the pictures and video’s on how you can put these transparent balls to work in your world.

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Water Sphere Story